Zircadian Medics enables NHS Trusts to approach healthcare delivery in an entirely new way. The solution allows them, for the first time, to align staff and resources to demand, in order to deliver the service plan within budget.


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The coming together of Allocate Software and Zircadian, the market-leading rota and job planning specialists for junior doctors and consultants, makes Allocate the only single-source provider of a combined consultant job planning, junior doctor rota planning and all-staff rostering solution.


Introduction to Zircadian Medics

The new approach means that now for the first time, instead of just optimising the efficiency of medical staff and their rosters, you can have complete integration between consultant job planning, junior doctor rotas and multi-discipline team rosters, enabling you to align your medical resources with the commissioned objectives of the trust as agreed in the service plan.

Zircadian Medics

The new approach provides one consolidated view from which to plan and evidence workforce management lifecycle for all staff. Zircadian Medics enables you to deliver the agreed service plan, improve staff productivity, reduce locum spend and maintain high quality patient care - and all within budget.


Workforce Management Lifecycle

To listen to an explanation of how Zircadian Medics works,
click on the diagram (requires sound).


Find out how to align your medics workforce with the objectives of the service plan: service planning, consultant job planning, junior doctor rotas.



Find out how to put the service plan into practice: integrated rostering, leave and absence management, locum management.


Quality control

Find out how to apply and evidence appropriate patient care quality controls:
real-time assurance, appraisal and revalidation, and 360-degree multi-source feedback.


Continuous improvement

Find out how to develop the cycle of continuous improvement that identifies any deviations from the plan and facilitates future planning.


View reaction videos from healthcare professionals

View reactions to the new Zircadian Medics approach from professionals working within the NHS.

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Results from rota review projects with four NHS trusts, showing significant savings and productivity gains from organising the junior doctor workforce more effectively.                      

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Request the Junior Doctor Rota Review White Paper

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